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Web Development

Explore our portfolio of web development projects, where we highlight our commitment to crafting websites that excel in flexibility, scalability, and performance across devices. Discover our work and gain insights into our capabilities, showcasing our dedication to delivering tailored web solutions.

The POST Esports Masters website was significantly overhauled for its fifth season, surpassing a mere update. A complete redesign introduced a new landing page, three game-specific pages with two divisions each, and a refreshed news section. An API-driven automation system now seamlessly updates live data like team profiles, logos, and standings from an external source. This overhaul resulted in a user-friendly site that elevates the Esports Masters brand to international esports standards.

Following Gilliane Warzée’s “Immersion” and “We are Women” exhibitions, the website needed a redesign. The goal was to update the look to be cleaner and more minimalistic while keeping the backend unchanged. The redesign aimed to clearly showcase Gilliane’s work and provide an overview of her art. The focus was on a simple, user-friendly site that makes exploring her portfolio easy, reflecting her artistic achievements in a straightforward way.

Kaddosiddien.lu is an affiliate platform showcasing unique gift ideas sourced from Luxembourg and across the globe. It supports content in multiple languages, tailoring affiliate links to match the language of choice. Operating under various domain names based on language preferences, the site’s design is minimalist yet fully equipped with all essential product information.



Discover our automation prototypes, showcasing our use of AI chatbots and generative AI solutions to innovate and streamline processes. These solutions can be used to help businesses elevate their functions across numerous areas, including customer support, lead generation, onboarding, feedback management, and more.

Our LuxTravelAI prototype offers a customized trip planning experience for Luxembourg (currently only Luxembourg City). Users input their preferences, visit dates, and duration, receiving a tailored email with attractions and activities matching their interests. This tool not only serves as an innovative lead generation strategy but also adds significant value by personalizing the tourism experience. We have a range of similar prototypes across various domains ready to showcase.

This car dealership chatbot prototype demonstrates versatility by guiding users through predefined topics for swift navigation and answering business-related inquiries. Capable of processing unstructured input, it estimates used car values based on model, year, and kilometrage, accommodating brand and model variations, including errors or abbreviations. Following an estimate, it offers a lead capture feature for follow-up contact. This approach exemplifies how similar AI-driven solutions can be adapted across diverse sectors.

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